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Banansplit in Technicolor

James Lech is a young brilliant and super pretty guy on the run. What's in the package he so desperately protects? Who's the weird guy, Hayden, who seems to know all about James and his whereabouts? And why is he wearing makeup? Find out all about James, Hayden and their encounters with other interesting personalities in "Bananasplit in Technicolor" :D This is a co-project between me and my sister (who got this awesome idea). We each take turns making a page, and we're not allowed to discuss the plot. At all :| Oh, and don't ask about the tittle - it's not supposed to make sense... (or is it?!)


Stupid Banner

Gah! Now I've been struggling with this banner for quite some time, but it simply won't do as I want D:
I wanted something really cool for BiT, but making a banner without a tablet seems to be a bit to difficult for me at the moment :P

I'll upload the real banner on deviantart, please don't be scared by this monster-thingie I've managed to upload here...

And please enjoy BiT :D

posted by lea-bea @ October 31st, 2011, 1:35 pm  -  0 comments

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